Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pudding cookies

An American guest gave me some cookies she made. It was so yummy with excellent vanilla flavor. I asked her if she had used some vanilla beans and she answered that she had used some vanilla puddings.

She gave me the receipt on her checking out date.
I was surprised to find "Vanilla pudding".


I imagined to add some vanilla puddings to other mixtures which was kinda stupid lol... I asked it to her again then she told me it was just like some powder. If I remember right, there was some instant pudding powder available. I went shopping to get some.

Because of the difference as to measuring stuff, sometimes I need to convert gallons to cc, lbs to grams but this time it is described by "cups", so it was easier. I need to convert only about 375 F into Celsis ( 190C ).

Preparing everything. When you cook dessert, you can not fix the taste latter, so you need to measure everything accurately in advance.

Mixing butter , sugar and brown sugar.

Adding powders gradually after adding eggs.

I was getting a bit nervous because in proportion to get the powder, it was getting much harder and harder than expected. Finally I decided to adjust some - I added some milk to soften it.

Done! Hmmm... looks different from the first picture lol.....
Probably because I added some milk to soften the cookies before grilling.
I should have done as described :(

I glued the receipt at my receipt book so that I can check it whenever I need.

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