Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Building the train scope and... :)

Started to set the train scope. Had to choose a train car for it and I choose kuha165 for it.

Needed to unscrew the train car body from its floor. Found an electric board. I needed to do some sensitive work there - wiring and soldering something which is a kind of annoying thing for me because my fingers are a little bit thick to do this kind of sensitive work :(

A small lamp works to express 2 tail lights. There is a tiny cover at the ceiling side of this lamp, I needed to put the scope on the cover to make it work.

Have to be careful not to hurt anything. I used a pair of wood chopsticks to slide the scope deep inside of the train car to fix it. I needed to put a 4mms thick tiny board inbetween the scope and the cover.

Done! Do you find the scope? It's at the middle window - the black stuff with a tiny hole for scope at the middle.

I decided to let ED70 ( the red loco )push the scope car. It seems that the battery for this train scope is charged only if the electric voltage gets more than 5V. I really would like to enjoy slow driving, so I tried to let EF58 push them but then the battery was not charged :( After that I put Moha 164 inbetween the 2 train cars to make a normal order. But a Moha 164 has 2 vertical motors with inside gear system which is too powerful to enjoy slow driving. That's why I choose this ED70. It has 1 vertical motor with inside gear system which is not too powerful to enjoy what I like.
Actually this ED70 is an Alternating Current loco and the 165 series train car ( orange and green ones ) are Direct Current ones so this combination never happened in real world though. But it's just toy, anything goes! :)

It does not look good maybe because the battery was not charged enough. My laptop PC does not have an input plug for movies, so wonder if it had one, maybe I can take the clip from this train scope and edit it?

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