Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Making a layout #17 Train platforms

No sketches at all, so just need to measure the sizes to cut the wood out by thinking of the size limit of the rolling stocks. The one at this side is for Japanese trains.
This one is for European trains. lower ( showter in height ) than the one for Japanese.

To make the uphill calmer, the uphill starts from the station. So this platform is located on the way! Damm, this is not easy :( I have to incline this platform to get it along with the uphill.
When you make a layout, you had better make platforms at really flat place!!!

Checking it out if the platform crashed the trains when they pass through.

A slope to get in the underground from the platform to get out of the station. Easier to make than stairs :-)

When the size got sure, they are to pressed by vices. I am not good at making anything and seldom try any , wonder why I have them lol.......

Now slopes are located correct.
Closeing for the day.

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