Thursday, December 14, 2006

Right? Left? - Trains in Germany

In Germany, trains run right when the line has 2 tracks like below. Quite opposite from Japan.

This train went uphill after Immedingen or Tuttulingen if I remember correctly for Augsburg. The locomotive was probably DB-111 series electric locomotive. This train ran in the Schwaltzewalt full of Christmas trees. Comfortable joint noise kept going. : March 1984


Sometimes things go like this. This train was from Lindau for some plural destinations and ran left!! (Picture taken in August 1982) Wondered how it happened? If some trains ran left while others do right, they must crash!!!! I guess perhaps it depends on the province or whatever causes. While this things happen, also wonder how they switch trains and where.

Actually in other countries around Germany, trains always seem to go left as well as in Japan. When I rid on a T.E.E "Rheingold" , it also ran right there. They must have some switching place somewhere to go outside of Germany but don't remember where and how it was managed....

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