Friday, May 11, 2007


There are blue, white and pink flowers. ( No pink ones in this picture below.)

I hear why they are called "Forget-me-not". Because once upon a time in Germany, a prince got in a river to rescue a princess. He successed to rescue her but unfortunately he was drowned after the rescue. While he was carried away lower stream, he tried to pick some of these flowers at the riverside and tossed them out to her shouting out loud something like....

"Don't forget me"

Perhaps that was at the year I moved into Hakuba or maybe next year when I bought a pack of seeds of this flower. Put them in a box to grow. They actually grew but it didn't go as the back of the pack said. It said it would be in bloom in July or August if you seeded them in spring. But things sometimes go different as we know. Usually explanations about how to grow flowers base on Yokohama standard circumstances if it's in Japan. Hakuba has different climate, so things go different here. I wondered if I should have pulled them out after the summer when we didn't see any flowers but I just left them as they were. After the winter was over when the snow melted away, they were still alive! They started being in bloom at the second half of May. It seems that they are a 2 years plant here in Hakuba. How does it go in your place?

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