Saturday, May 26, 2007

Making a layout #33 On the beach

It's definately difficult to put each and every small figure in the layout, I try to put some in an acrylic board then put it in the layout.
This below is an amazing figure set, a boy escapes holding a bra in his hand and some women chase him up. One woman who is supposed her bra stolen doesn't hide her breasts lol....

When you glue figures, what you want to glue is usually a lot small than you expect, adittionally a lot often where you want to put some glue are not always flat. So figures usually fall down slowly even after you press them enough :( You need to put something next to each and every figure for a while until the adhesive gets dried enough.

Put the figure set beside the lake.

It's a rubber adhesive I use to glue figures and the acrylic board. I need to wait for 15-20 minutes after I put some adhesive at which I want to glue. The need to press both figures and the acrylic board. I still don't understand the difference from the normal adhesive.

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