Sunday, December 16, 2007

07-08 first snow removing

We got a bunch of snowfall after a long interval.

I saw this scenery early in the morning. Maybe a bit hard to say we got a bunch of snow with this picture though.

My wagon. Hum..... tyres are not enough visible..... lol

I have to drop the snow on my snowblower off first to start the work.

Rosemarries also got some snow.

What I call "Josetsu(snow removing) set". I need to have this when I remove snow.
When any bolt is gone, I have to screw there with new bolt.

Anyway I started removing snow with my snowblower. It went good for the first time but finally I did it!!!
When you crash big stones, bricks whatever hard, a lot often bolts that fix the shaft and auger wings are gone. You need to screw them with new bolts which sucks especially when it snows hard :(
The left side of this wing hold so much snow because a bolt was gone. When a bolt is gone, the wing does not work, so snow stays there.

I pull the key out of the snowblower when I need to stop its engine while I am at work to fix the bolts because if any strong windblow suddenly get branches off from trees to turn the engine on, I will be injured. I know I worry about it too much. But when I survived winter with the previous antique "buddy da snowblower", I had an accident that I stiched 5 at my index finger of my right hand. I thought everything stopped when I slide my right hand into the shooter to check something but a wing there still worked!!!! OUCH! Accidents always happen when you lack a tiny bit of attention. I might be a person whom anesthesia does not work good enough. When I was in a hospital to stitch the index finger, it hurt a lot. I don't want to experience it again. This might be tiresome to get the key off everytime, but I would choose to do it instead of having another accident.

Need to get the snow on the roof of our cars off. But I am not tall enough to reach the center roof :( Wish I were 180cms ( 5'11" ) tall! A lot often snow around the center roof stays there as it's hard for me to reach there to get them off.

It took 3.5 hours today to complete this snow removing job. It makes it easier to make a snowblower work later if you get the snow inside of the auger when you complete the job. As the snow on the roof didn't drop that much, that's why I just needed 3.5 hours today. If more snow on the roof dropped off, sometimes it needs entire day to remove all of them. Now the battle with snow just started for this season :o

When I drive a snowblower, I am always careful not to hurt others and myself. But snowblowers are very noisy and give us vibration when we drive them. This disables the driver to hear someone talking to the driver. Maybe that someone might slightly touch the back or hand of the driver to get his/her attention, but it surprises the driver too much while s/he is very nervous. This might be a bit selfimportant desire but if I could say, please get close to a snowblower driver when s/he is at work except when there's something urgent, so that everyone is safe from accidents with snowblowers.

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