Sunday, April 1, 2007

E257 series "Azusa" running thorugh Sanosaka pass

The other day when I drove my car, a E257 series limited express train "Azusa" got close to my car. My car and the train went ahead together for a while, sometimes my car went ahead, sometimes the train did. Finally I got a chance to take a pic of the train at Sanosaka. Looks as if the slope were very steep, but probably this one is 2.5 %. In old days, steam locomotives had hard time to go through here pulling freight cars and passenger cars together. Later some other train cars e.g. old style JNR passenger cars in skyblue color, DC 28/58/52 series etc to reach Oomachi and Matsumoto which are located in southern part of this area. Oomachi, Matsumoto are located at the left direction of this pic, Hakuba, Itoigawa are done at the right direction.

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