Sunday, April 8, 2007

Enoden vol.1

Went to Tokyo area to promote my business for a couple of days. Found some time to spare inbetween appointments so that I tried to get on an Enoden train.

Tsuruoka Hachimangu at Kamakura. A big buddah sits deep inside of the place. A train geek does not get in, just walk forward to Kamakura station to catch an Enoden train.

Trains are in service every 12 minutes all day long from early morning roughly 5:30. Convenient as a local transportation. The train I got on had 4 passenger cars, 2 were painted in flower like design and other 2 were painted in dual color of green and cream yellow.

The train was running for Fujisawa. Click the pic above to see a clip. Fences, houses really get close to the train track!!

Click the pic above to see a clip. Most interesting part - the track in a road. Everything is for Enoden first, people, motorbikes, cars all escape to the sideways when Enoden trains go. (Koshigoe -- Enoshima ). Unfortunately this clip is bothered by sunshine but pay attention roughly about 38-42 second, someone walks across the track in a hurry. He looks like a fish shop master who brings a tub full of water and fish. It shows local people's daily life there which is very interesting.

Got to Fujisawa station. Just a trip of 34 minutes. I walked to JR Fujisawa station to go back to Kamakura by Yokosuka line. I looked for the train schedule for Yokosuka line before purchasing a train ticket.


I noticed it was not Fujisawa but Oofuna where Yokosuka line gets apart from Tokaido line. Probably I mixed Fujisawa and Oofuna. I thought probably it was quicker for me to get back to Kamakura by Enoden if the train connection at Oofuna station was bad.

A 46 years old man of 173cms 75kgs kept running on and on and on...... to Enoden Fujisawa station :-)

To be continued.

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redracer said...

Enoden trains are all articulated 2 car sets, and they usually run two of these together, so it looks like a 4 car train.