Saturday, July 21, 2007

1,000 yen for underground?

... Not in Japan but in London, U.K. They raised the price a little bit before, now it costs 4 lbs for the minimun fare. Additionally , the lbs exchange rate against Japan yen has been strong for a while, it's now 1 lbs is more than 250 yen which means the minimum fare for the London underground is now more than 1,000 yen!

If a family totally had 4 adults, the total fare is 4,000 yen which might be more than the fare for a cab? Most European currencies have been strong against Japan yen recently, they say it will cost more than supposed when Japanese people have some tours around Europe this summer. Newspapers estimate some Japanese lunch plates will be 2,500 yen, a cup of coffee will be 510 yen and a hamberger will be 800 yen.

But I think it's just like to enter a phase to correct the rates because when I travelled around Europe in '82, 1 U.S. dollar was 270 yen, it was 240 yen in '84.
Now interests in Japan are very low, very high in Europe so people would like to raise some fund in Japan to employ in Europe to get some benefit which might cause
this situation that European currencies have been stronger against Japan yen.
And I don't think Japanese people need to worry too much. Even if a hamberger costs 800 yen in Europe, I guess it's much bigger than in Japan lol.... Because I found it that vegitables sold in markets there in Europe were way too huge!!! Cucumbers, egg plants etc were unbelievable huge to me.

Anyway, it will be fun to experience different things when you travel around especially when you travel somewhere in different culture. I also hope the foreign exchange rates against yen will not have been strong for ever, otherwise it will cost expensive for me to buy some model trains and its figures from Germany etc :p
I remember reading a description that said it was something like 1 U.K lbs = 1,008 Japan yen somewhen after the WW2 - must have been somewhen before the Smithsonian Agreement when it was a fixed exchange rate system, so British people seemed to be prosperous when they were in Japan. But.... if it still stays like that, the minimun fare for London underground would be more than 4,000 yen per person!! :o

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