Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bonnet "Aizu"

Picture taken at Aizu-Wakamatsu station somewhen around 1981 when I travelled around Tohoku region by myself. Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) was not in service yet at that time, a lot of express and limited express trains were in service for many directions from Ueno terminal at that time. Most of limited express trains at Tohoku main line were constituted by 12-13 passengers cars but due to the restriction at Ban'etsu-saisen line, Aizu had to be 9 or shorter. The shortest regular limted express train at Tohoku line at that time. This control car in the picture was the green car ( 1st class passenger car ) called "Kuro 481", but not sure if it was an original one or 50+ or 100+. Because of the slight difference up to when one is made, soemtimes JNR distinguished some from others by their number like Kuro 481-1, 481-2 etc (Original ), Kuro 481-51, 481-52 etc(reconstructed from Saro : a 1st class passenger car without a control room ) and Kuro 481-101, 481-102 etc( ones with bigger MG (Moter Generator). As it had a couple of whistle covers at its waists, it might be one of 100's but could be original or 50's because its main lights at its waists do not seem to be sealed beams, also it does not seem to have some "cover" at some holes at the side bottom to take air inside to cool the MG.

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