Thursday, February 15, 2007

Plural motor cars

When you drive a train pulled by a locomotive in a flat layout, usually the locomotive is only motor car. But when you drive a long train with some plural motor cars in a layout which has some steep uphills, usually the combination of the motor cars are not enough good.

Moha164-0 with 2 inside gear motors.

One of Moha164-800 which has lower ceiling around its pantagraph to get in some lines which have small tunnels.
If I drive each motor car ( Moha 164-0, Moha 164-800)separately, there's no problem but when I drive longer train putting both of them together, their combo is not good. Maybe they compete?

A motoer mountained at the Moha164-0.

A motor mountained at the Moha164-800. Looks they are same ones. Wondered if they were different ones though. I tried to see the small letters close to KTM (KaTsuMi : the maker of this model ) wearling another additional glass but it says


LOL....It was not worth wearing another additional glass though :o

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