Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Making a layout #27 Realistic water going ahead!

Finnaly a bottle of water effect and 3 of realistic water arrived!

Have to prepare for it.

Brush some water bond along the edge of the lake to spread some balasts. I noticed that rivers and lakes that look blue usually have stone bottom. Those look green usually have sand bottom. No idea there's any rules or whatever though.

Put some small stones to show some big rocks in an incoming river to the lake.

They say realistic water needs to be left for 24 hours to get dried and fixed after being poured. We didn't have "ANY" guest at that night, so it's time for it! Should have not missed the chance. As I needed to put a plastic bag to cover the lake, I put some supporters for it to check they were long enough or not.

Pouring some realistic water at the incoming river. This small one is in a kit for making a fall.

Pouring some realistic water at the lake. I surrounded the lake with 4mms tall boards all around and put some 9mms tall foam polystyrenes because some regular poster to our Japanese blog have adviced to be careful because sometimes the realistic water goes where we never expect if the ground were not horizontal. There's always something unexpected happening!!

Spreading realistic water by a spatula. They say I have to make it 3mms depth or thinner.

An outgoing river from the lake was filled with realistic water.

The lake was also filled with realistic water.

Have to be patient for 24 hours from now on. Some music phrase popped up from me with humming which is one sung long ago, it proves my age!

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